Is the Car Season Over In October?

I’m sure a few of you have already celebrated the end of your car show season before October.  You’re looking forward to April and pulling out the collector car from under the tarp or that heated, dehumidified garage, and putting it back out, but are you wrapping it up too soon?  Maybe it’s that some of us cling on to powerfully?

The answer is two fold.  In the first vein, if the weather and temperature is right, why not keep it going?  If you live in the desert you could effectively have a car show all the time.  So for you, if the temperature holds out you could throw something together.  That being said, we’ve seen a rough season this year being covered in rain and seeing a ton of events being canceled because of it, but I digress.  You also have to realize that some car shows and events will happen when they normally happen, regardless of the weather or temperature.

If you know about International Auto Shows, they like to land in the less busy winter months, taking up heat controlled interior convention halls with some pristine examples to people who are fiending for cars so bad that it’s similar to walking through a grocery store before dinner.  These shows motivate you to brave any sort of inclement weather to check them out in droves and in fact, we usually see the normy (people who aren’t enthusiasts) coming out to see what “practical” car they may purchase next year. These shows are big business.  So what am I saying?  Simply speaking, the season never ends!

That’s right, as others are wrapping things up and tucking themselves in for the winter there is another group just getting started and the reality is that these guys want more people like you, yes you, bringing out their awesome car to their show to show what the potential is.  This could even be an opportunity to introduce the enthusiast to the normy.

So to answer this question directly, October may seem to be the end of the season, but to some resourceful people, it’s just the beginning.  These are the people thinking about toy drives and trunk and treats as well as enclosed venues that are just waiting for you to take that tarp back off and think, why am I sitting at home on my couch watching YouTube videos when I could be out there showing off like a pro.

So before you wrap up that vehicle, you should be looking up what is going on out there and asking how you could get your piece of the pie.

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