5 Supercars You Really CAN Daily Drive

You may have heard people arguing about how certain supercars can be daily driven.  Sure, if you have the cash I guess you could daily drive anything, but with high maintenance vehicles or high performance vehicles that aren’t really made for rain, snow, or cold weather some really can’t cut the mustard.  For instance no one would even consider driving a Pagani or Koenigsegg to work and back every day.

That being said there are cars that can be considered supercars, vehicles with high horsepower or exotic design, that really can be used daily to commute.  In fact, many people use the brands we’re listing here for daily commuter work already and they probably won’t shock you.

So whether you have a small garage or you just want to multi-task on your vehicle purchase, here’s 5 supercars that you really can daily drive.

5. ) Maserati Gran Turismo
Maserati has done a great job of making a name for itself in the italian automaker arena.  With close to 500 horsepower and speeds cresting 200 mph while seating 4 the Maserati knows a thing about daily power.  Although it may seem odd to pick up the kids from soccer practice in your Maserati it’s not completely unheard of and many choose to use their Maserati to get them to and from home plate.  Unfortunately maintenance costs still keep this at the fifth position on our list.

4.) Chevrolet Corvette

Peering out onto the parking lot where you work now I doubt you’d be too shocked to see a Corvette neatly parked in the back corner.  Sure, it’s not the economical choice but it will get the job done.  With upwards of 600 horsepower it will get you there quick.  The Corvette won’t be as draining on the bank account as some of the others on our list either.  It doesn’t make it higher on the list because it’s not really set-up for anything to inclement in the weather department and sometimes has problems translating all that power to the ground when presented with adversity.

3.) Porsche 911

Nothing says weekend warrior like a daily driven Porsche, but a true purist will know the difference between someone dabbling and a true connoisseur.  There are plenty of Porsche fanatics out there that just can’t settle for anything but their tried and true for everything and they’ll drive in any condition.  Many of them have seen high mileage and with a little love can take on the daily commute.  The drawbacks are it isn’t for the meek of heart, the seating can be tough, and the handling can be quirky.  You may want to keep the grocery order to a minimum as well, but if you’re looking for something that is as comfortable on the street that is as comfortable on the track there are many who say make no exception.

2.) Nissan GT-R

Was there any doubt the GT-R would make the list?  All wheel drive, fast, maneuverable, the 600 horsepower godzilla takes all the stereotypes and throws them out the window.  Sure it screams track use and weekend battle but there is no doubt the GT-R could be just as efficient running errands and getting you back and forth to work while taking on anything the weather can throw at it.  You know the GT-R can do it.  Just admit it.

1.) Bentley Continental

The Bentley Continental and it’s big brother the Flying Spur are the multi-taskers of the supercar universe.  While most 600 horsepower cars try to cram you into a sardine can of an interior the Bentley lets you bask in the spacious interior.  Packed with all wheel drive and snow tire options there’s no reason it can’t still be just as capable in the worst of weather conditions.  All this from a car with triple digit top speed and check out that trunk space!  Sure, like any supercar it has quirks and the maintenance may not be the cheapest, but it’s clear these were made to be driven and that just means why not daily… and many do.

Do you agree with our list?  Have some other cars that you think will make the grade?  Let us know in the comments below!


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